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#clubhectare is dedicated to promoting agriculture and food production, and to forge business and social links between members and the wider community.

Alongside this, being a member ensures you are part of a diverse, exclusive, group of like-minded people with one overriding connection, a passion and love of agriculture, food production and the rural way of life. Being a member gives you access to quality rural discussions, invitations to key regional events and being part of driving Agriculture forward in the UK.



#FarmSafetyWeek Tip 2 from member David: "One thing we set up is periodic check-ins. At coffee, lunch or whenever. Easier with radios but someone has to phone someone else to say hi and i’m at ‘Y’ doing ‘X’. It becomes habit and you soon realise if you’ve not heard from someone" pic.twitter.com/HQwadmVD0e

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