Author - Edwina Mullins

Land Army Needs you to Feed the Nation

Feed the Nation! The Land Army needs you!

OUR FARMS NEED YOU! JOIN THE LAND ARMY AND FEED THE NATION. The food supply chain may have altered dramatically, but the base need for food is unchanged. As the workforce stays home and many companies have already started to collapse, farms find themselves in need of tens of thousands of workers to harvest the food the nation needs. The British Growers Association estimates the UK needs 70,000 seasonal workers this year to help get this harvest in.   Without these workers, [...]


Farming community coming together in sadness

Suicide is something that the farming community is unfortunately very familiar with.   Tough conditions and isolation can just get too much. On 15th December 2019, Steven Pile sadly took his life at the farm  in Wiltshire that he shared with his wife, Jo. With the support of her farming community, Jo is now running the farm on her own but had significant and obviously unexpected funeral costs – life insurance doesn’t pay out with suicide. No one should have [...]