Who We Are


#clubhectare is the sum of an amazing diverse group of rural business people, students, researchers, and many more.   There is a core committee that strives to bring the best of British farming to its members. #clubhectare is strictly a non-profit organisation, with all officers and members operating on a purely voluntary basis.

  • Jono Dixon – President
  • Chris Hewis – Chairman & Membership Secretary
  • David Watson – Vice Chairman
  • Christopher Day – Treasurer
  • John Rainsforth – Assistant Treasurer
  • Beverley Norman – Secretary
  • Julie Robinson – Hon. Legal Advisor
  • Heather Briggs – Forum Manager
  • Giles Martin – Under 30s Representative


#clubhectare was formed in 2013  from a group of farmers and industry professionals who wanted to utilise social media to share farming ideas and good banter. #clubhectare quickly grew and attracted a lot of media attention due to its all-inclusive members list. Since then, there have been member meet ups at Cereals, annual dinners, and a lot of online banter. In a time of agricultural crisis #clubhectare members have been mobilised for good, always ready to help both the industry and individuals through bad times and good.  Now is the time to evolve into a proper club, with a committee who can ensure a quality experience for all its members.   We hope you like what the future has in store.


#clubhectare is now a members’ organisation dedicated to promoting agriculture and food production, and forging business and social links between members and the wider community, through a fully formed committee, constitution and member benefits.   In the future you will see quality dialogue on the purpose-built forum, regional events relevant to your business and a lot of contacts in the industry.   The vision for #clubhectare is to have an exclusive online meeting place for the professional exchange of thoughts and ideas, not just on farming, but the wider agricultural and rural way of life. We welcome anyone who, like us, has a passion and interest in the rural way of life. #clubhectare will continue to offer a vehicle for this interaction, and at the same time encourage young people to ask questions and learn from experienced industry professionals. #clubhectare will continue to promote UK farming and country life and will campaign where necessary to ensure the industry of Food and Farming has the voice it deserves. Finally and most importantly, it will strive to promote social links between its members, and the wider community.

We are on the look out for regional representatives to supports events in your area. If you are interested, please get in touch with Rachel Watling.